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During 2012, ATS diversified and opened a Robinson approved Helicopter Maintenance facility at the Jack Taylor Airport, Krugersdorp. To achieve the best in maintenance, Vaughan Powell is in charge of the Maintenance facility. Vaughan has been in die industry for more then 15 years and specializes in maintenance on the Robinson RH22 and Robinson RH44 Helicopters. ATS Maintenance looks after the ATS helicopter fleet as well as privately owned aircraft.

What this means:

For the owner: ATS Maintenance guarantees peace of mind for the aircraft owner and the best possible service at competitive prices. ATS Maintenance offers on-demand diagnostics to ensure your helicopter is running the way it was designed to.

For the student: You can confidently follow your dreams of flight in safe, properly maintained and tested machines. Access to more technical aspects of flying gives a better sense of trust and understanding of helicopters and how they work.

Contact ATS Maintenance for all your helicopter scheduled maintenance, snag repairs and overhauls.

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